Our Story


Hi, I'm Kasey!

 I am a wife, mother and creative all in that order. During the sunny part of my day, I am chasing my boys around and keeping up with the family administration and daily snuggle quota. During the night, while the boys are sleeping, I am dreaming of creative projects, watching tutorials on all things photography, practicing photoshop technics, and rocking out to music while editing sessions. My joys in life are my family, warm beverages, creative adventures and just being outside.    

My passion for photography started in high school. I went to college thinking I was going to major in Physical Therapy, however, one class lead to another and after two semesters I realized I wanted to focus on photo journalism. College was full of adventures learning the art of photography with both digital and film. Shortly after having my first son, I bought my first DSLR camera to document his early years. A couple months later I started my first photography business. As I reflect back on that business, I can't help but to laugh and shake my head. I knew nothing about business and well to be honest I really needed to grow a bit as a person as well. Although I was getting better with every click, I put down my camera (business wise), 2 years later to start a journey of figuring out who I was and whom I was truly meant to be. That was a crazy season. I had a couple of day time jobs, got married to the love of my life, and moved to a bigger town. My husband knew my passion and joy was photography and he supported my want for a business again. After finding out I was pregnant with our second son we decided it was time to try again with a photography business. Now I am just living my dream!



About KAP....

Here at Kasey Alcott Photography I like to focus on portrait and wedding photography. Specializing in portrait photography gives me a chance to photograph creative portraiture while connecting with the people in front of my camera. My favorite part of photographing portraits is probably the planning and retouching. If it wasn't for the creative process and then post retouching I probably wouldn't be doing photography. I strive to give you portraiture with a unique edge that has the power to captivate and intrigue, not only your viewers, but you yourself. You deserve a portrait experience that shows you that you are more photogenic than you think, that makes you feel amazing and proves that your portraits can speak of you and reflect deeper aspects about you as a person. The same goes for when I shoot weddings. Your wedding day is full of special details that represent your style of life and love. I strive to create portraits with raw emotion so that anyone who wasn't able to make it can feel like they were there with you. 

I view every session and wedding as a chance to learn something new with every step. I am always looking to try new things and take opportunities that can help me grow into a better photographer. This is an ever evolving field, that has endless challenges and avenues to explore for more than a lifetime. I plan to take full advantage of that journey.