Tulsa Kids Magazine

January, 2017 Volume XXX Number 1


The best notification ever...

In July 2016, I took a big leap out of my comfort box and joined a creatives group. I stumbled onto the Rising tide Society, which then took me to Tuesdays Together - Tulsa. I was needing inspiration and a group that understood entrepreneurship, community over competition, along with the drive to teach on how to just be a better creative business owner. After I found this group on facebook, I was then invited to attend their first styled shoot as a collective group. This was the first meeting I decided to put my big girl pants on and go meet new people. Oh how my nerves were running. I am not sure if I was sweating so much because I was nervous or because it was an amazingly hot summer day with a minimal breeze. The whole plan was to just watch and help out, however, all of the ladies encouraged everyone to partake and I am so happy they did. I wasn't my click happy self that night, just because I was in awe of how well everyone worked together, helped each other, taught each other and just laughed with each other. There was 4 new people there that night and you would of never known it. I was hooked! 

Fast forward to January 2017, I was having my morning brunch and doing my usual Instagram surfing when I noticed I was tagged in a post. I was so excited when I saw that our group was featured in Tulsa Kids Magazine. It wasn't until the second notification that I realized that the photograph they used in the article was one of mine from our styled shoot. Tears of joy and a Carlton happy dance later, I was calling my husband and family to tell them the good news. For the next few days my family shared the heck out of the posts about the article along with people from my home town. I believe my mom, mother in law and grandma cleaned out the local Chick-fil-a to get printed copies. It was a humbling experience and a feeling I never want to lose. I didn't realize I had that big of a support system. This may be small to some but its a huge honor to me. So excited to challenge myself more and continue to reach outside of my comfort box. Look out 2017, dreams are becoming a reality!